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DOP Touch Panel

DOP-BO3S210 4.3 inches, 16:9 screen 480x272 pixels, 
DOP-BO3S(E)211 4.3 inches, 16:9 screen 480x272 pixels, 
DOP-B05S111 5.6 inches, 320x234 pixels 82M flash rom, 
DOP-BO7S401K 7 inches, 16:9 screen, 800x480 pixels, 82M flash rom
DOP-BO7S411K 7 inches, 16:9 screen, 800x480 pixels, 82M flash rom
DOP-BO7S401 7 inches, 16:9 screen, 800x480 pixels, 82M flash rom
DOP-BO7S411 7 inches, 16:9 screen, 800x480 pixels, 82M flash rom
DOP-BO7S(E)415 7 inches, 16:9 screen, 800x480 pixels, 82M flash rom
DOP-BO7S(E)515 7 inches, 16:9 screen, 800x480 pixels, 82M flash rom
DOP-B07PS415 7 inches, 16:9 screen, 800x480 pixels, 82M flash rom
DOP-B07PS515 7 inches, 16:9 screen, 800x480 pixels, 82M flash rom
DOP-B08S(E)515 7 inches, 16:9 screen, 800x480 pixels, 82M flash rom
DOP-B10S511 8 inches, 16:9 screen, 800x600 pixels, 82M flash rom
DOP-B10E515 10.4 inches, 16:9 screen, 800x600 pixels, 82M flash rom
DOP-B10S411 10.1 inches, 16:9 screen, 800x480 pixels, 82M flash rom
DOP-B10(E)615 10.1 inches, 16:9 screen, 1024x600 pixels, 82M flash rom
DOP-B10S411 10" wide screen/Resolution 800×480/Print/U Disk/Mouse
DOP-B07S411 7" wide screen/Resolution/800x480/U-Disk/Print/Mouse
DOP-B07S410 7"wide screen/Resolution 800x480/ can link only Delta products
DOP-B03S210 4.3"wide screen/Resolution 480*272 
DOP-B10S615 10.1"wide screen/Resolution 1024x600/SD card
DOP-B10S511 10.4" 4:3 screen/Resolution 800x600
DOP-B08S515 8" 4:3 screen/Resolution 800x600/SD card
DOP-B07S415 7"wide screen/Resolution 800x480/SD card
DOP-B07S515 7" 4:3 screen/Resolution 800x600/SD card
DOP-B05S111 5.6" 4:3 screen/Resolution 320x234/128 MB / 64MB SDRAM
DOP-B03S211 4.3" wide screen/Resolution 480*272
DOP-B10E615 10.1"wide screen/Resolution 1024x600/SD card
DOP-B10E515 10.4" 4:3 screen/Resolution 800x600
DOP-B08E515 8" 4:3 screen/Resolution 800x600/SD card
DOP-B07E415 7"wide screen/Resolution 800x480/SD card
DOP-B07E515 7" 4:3 screen/Resolution 800x600/SD card
DOP-B03E211 4.3" wide screen/Resolution 480*272
TP02G-AS1 Monochrome STN 2-line display   160*32 dots  256K FLASH, no clock,COM2:RS485/422
TP04G-AS2 Monochrome STN 4-line display   128*64 dots  256K FLASH, with clock,COM2:RS485/422
TP04G-AL2 Monochrome STN 4-line display   192*64 dots  256K FLASH ,with clock,COM2:RS485/422
TP04G-AL-C Monochrome STN 4-line display   192*64 dots 256K FLASH ,with clock,COM2:none,can link only Delta PLC
TP04G-BL-C Monochrome STN 4-line display   192*64 dots 256K FLASH ,0~9 digits key,with clock,COM2:RS485
TP04G-BL-CU Monochrome STN 4-line display   192*64 dots 256K FLASH,0~9 digits key,with clock,COM2:none,USB download,can link only Delta PLC
TP08G-BT2 Monochrome STN 8-line display   240*128 dots 1M FLASH, 0~9 digits key,with clock,C
TP04P-16TP1R TP04G-BL text display inside/8DI/8DO(Relay)
TP04P-32TP1R TP04G-BL text display inside/16DI/16DO(Relay)
TP04P-22XA1R TP04G-BL text display inside/8DI/8DO(Relay), 4AI/2AO
TP04P-21EX1R TP04G-BL text display inside/8DI/8DO(Relay), 2PT/2AI/1AO
DOP-B03S211 7"wide screen/Resolution 800x480/SD card
DOP-B07S411 7" 4:3 screen/Resolution 800x600/SD card
DOP-B07S515 7" 4:3 screen/Resolution 800x600/SD card
DOP-B10S411 7" wide screen/Resolution/800x480/U-Disk/Print/Mouse
IFD6601 USB RS-232 DVP 
IFD8500  RS-232 to RS-485/RS-422 
IFD8510  RS-485/RS-422 
IFD8520  RS-485
IFD9502 RS232/RS485  Device NET(DNA02)
IFD9503 RS232/RS485  Can BUS(COA02)
IFD9506 RS232/RS485  TCP/IP  (ENA01-MOD)
IFD6530 USE FOR VFD-C2000的USB/RS-485  
TAP-CN01 DeviceNET/CANopen power tapping plate
TAP-CN02 DeviceNET/CANopen power tapping plate
TAP-CN03 DeviceNET/CANopen power tapping plate
TAP-CP01 DeviceNET/CANopen power tapping plate
TAP-TR01 DeviceNET/CANopen
ADP485-01 RS-485 power tapping plate
TAP-CP01 power tapping plate
DOP-A57GSTD 5.7'/16 STN,USB download
DOP-A57BSTD 5.7'/8 STN,USB download blue white
DOP-A57CSTD 5.7'/256 STN,USB download
DOP-A80THTD1 8.0'/65536 TFT,USB download
DOP-A10THTD1 10.4'/65536 TFT,USB download
DOP-AE57BSTD 5.7'/8 STN,USB download ,  blue white
DOP-AE57CSTD 5.7'/256 STN,USB download, multi-founction
DOP-AE80THTD 8.0'/65536 TFT,USB download, multi-founction
DOP-AE10THTD1 10.4'/65536 TFT,USB download, multi-founction
DOP-EXIO14RAE 8DI/6DO, relay output
DOP-EXIO28RAE 16DI/12DO, relay output
DOP-AS38BSTD 3.8'/8 STN,USB download
DOP-AS35THTD 3.5'/65536 TFT,USB download
DOP-AS57BSTD 5.7'/8 STN,USB download
HMI B(COM1:RS232,COM2:RS232/  
DOP-B05S100 5.6" 65536 TFT,USB downlade
DOP-B05S101 5.6" 65536 TFT,USB downlade
DOP-B07S201 7" /65536 TFT,USB download
DOP-B07S211 7" /65536色TFT,USB download
DOP-B10S615 10.1" /65536色TFT,USB download
DOP-B10E615 10.1" /65536色TFT,USB download